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W4PWB Radio Room Counter Install

Aug 12 2014 11:17 PM | Brian Ward/KG4KGW in Articles

W4PWB's Radio Room
Custom Counter-top Installation

Field Day came to a close and we started back on working on the other projects we've had in our heads. We've been putting together a 70cm repeater for a good long time now and have finally reached a point that we are going to put it online here in Pensacola. Phil's radio room was in desperate need of some counter-top or desk space. His words were "I can't stand the clutter anymore!". So we began to discuss plans to put in some custom counter areas for ham radio projects and operation.

This is where the work began and ended.

Posted Image

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Field Day 2014 After Action

Jul 02 2014 10:55 PM | Brian Ward/KG4KGW in Articles

Another Field Day has come and gone and EWRG had a lot of fun setting up and doing our thing at Big Lagoon State Park. Despite a last minute change in venue all went pretty smoothly and with another few gallons of calamine lotion the bug bites should ease away.

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Milton ARC 2014 Hamfest

Jun 03 2014 08:46 PM | Brian Ward/KG4KGW in Articles

Milton Amateur Radio Club 19th Annual Ham Fest

Talk-in 145.490 100Hz Tone$ 2,000.00 in Prizes

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Field Day 2014 EWRG Members (Pensacola)

May 28 2014 04:47 PM | Brian Ward/KG4KGW in Articles

We're in the process of planning Field Day for 2014. The location will be at Fort Pickens.

Battery Worth pavillion area.

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A radom act of kindness

Dec 19 2012 04:24 AM | Brian Ward/KG4KGW in Articles

The radio sold for close to $2000.00 when it was new, but it still worked and it was "free" to me! I truly enjoyed using the radio. I knew another ham who didn't have any gear. I wasn't using the radio as much as my FT-847, so I took it over to his house and gave the radio to him. He used it every day.

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KG4KGW's Auto IDer

Nov 13 2010 04:01 PM | Brian Ward/KG4KGW in Articles

Auto Ider by Brian Ward/KG4KGW

KG4KGW's Auto IDer
This is an auto Ider I wrote in C# for use in interfacing with a radio transmitter and PC.

Posted Image

Auto Ider 2.1 Download

You must use this link to install the software. The green download links do not work as you can not upload web pages to the downloads center.

This software has been updated to work on 64 bit windows systems July 2011 (BW - KG4KGW)

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